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First Time Reading A Tradional Score Was Easy!?

15 Sep 2014 03:55 #15956 by CJ
Isaiah, age 14, previously learned to play piano by ear and visual instruction with Simply Music DVDS. He did very well with the songs he learned (playing groovy blues, classical and other songs above the skill level for the song in this video); however, his playing skills were limited to only those songs he knew by ear and heart and he was stuck.

We tried Piano for Life and Piano for Quitters and he picked up bits from that but for whatever reason, it seemed too complicated for him at that time and progress was too slow to keep him interested. With Soft Mozart, he feels equipped in moving forward and is enjoying every practice session.

Just prior to this video, he had just discovered that reading music was actually EASY. We were all surprised and elated at how several of the older ones, my husband included, who had never read music before could do it IN ONE SITTING with just a few simple tips on how to use the program from me. Now, with Soft Mozart to help them successfully decode the (just) previously mysterious symbols, they're ready to take off!

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