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Layla has just turned 3 and we are just starting out. She came to choir with me until she was 2 and a half, and we go to symphony orchestra performances to watch a friend play every few months. We have now started following your music appreciation youtube videos as well. Layla loves to dance and conduct the music though she is not in time yet.
We started playing the guess key game. She can recognise all of the symbols door rain etc and says them out loud and sort of tunefully. Now that she's got the concept that we are trying not to see the spider, she is starting to get points. Yesterday she played for 3 minutes and got 51 points. She is working on Ode to Joy. So far only right hand 23 124. She lost interest very quickly. I tried flash cards to put the symbols in order but she didn't understand what I was trying to do. She put all the cards in pairs instead. She didn't want to play any of the other games yet. I'm happy with her progress for the first week.