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It has been a busy 2 weeks with family visiting for one of those 2 weeks. Unfortunately, we got about 1 week of lessons into 2 weeks (I would have like to have done more).

Autumn seems to be grasping the “Do Re Mi” segments and is able to place flash cards in the correct order, and find the missing cards by reciting as she goes.

I was a little unsure of doing the left hand side of "Hot Cross Buns" in Gentle Piano as there is one section that requires quite a bit of stretch for her little fingers (Do and Sol at the same time), so I opted to have her use her right hand as well to be able to get both. I am not sure if there was a better way of doing this.

Her scores for Gentle piano went up midway (family visit time) and the last time she did much better. Here are her scores. The last score is from today.

Gentle Piano - Folklore Hot Cross Buns (Introductory Songs Level 0.0)


Right Hand 1 - 75
Left Hand 1 - 93

Right Hand 1 - 77
Left Hand 1 - 50

Right Hand 1 - 102
Left Hand 1 - 73

Right Hand 1 - 42
Left Hand 1 - 60

Right Hand 1 - 29
Left Hand 1 - 32

Right Hand 1 - 29
Left Hand 1 - 31

Autumn did struggle with "Guess Key School" as she seemed more interested in letting the spider get the fallen fruit. She would sit and say "Spider Got It" with extreme excitement. I started with telling her the spider does not need to eat and quickly turned to rewarding with mini M&M's. We would start with about 15 mini m&m's and every time the spider got the fruit, I would eat one. She seems to have grasped the concept that she only gets what is left within a 2-minute period.
She is able to press the correct symbol, but not the correct sounding, I don’t think she grasps that yet.

Here are her scores from "Guess Key School"

Guess Key (2 Minutes)

9 Points
8 Points
3 Points
9 Points
13 Points (mini m&m’s)
16 Points (mini m&m’s)

The finger stretching exercise is going fairly well. She seems to struggle with using the middle and ring finger separately, but for the age I imagine this is to be expected? I did have a question in regards to this however; when she does “Do Re Mi Fa Sol” would she then use her thumb again on “La” index on “Ti” and middle on “Do”?

Lastly, she likes to do the “Do Re Mi Fa Sol La Ti Do” video that is under the first month of the curriculum.

That is all for now, feedback would be greatly appreciated.


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I will have to read that tonight, as I did have some focus issues with "Guess Key School". She seemed more interested letting the spider get the fallen fruit :) I will be posting her progress tonight in the correct section of this forum.


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Thank you Hellene,

After trying for a few days with Solfeggio, I can understand why you suggest to start with it. Makes more sense especially since she is just starting out.

Thank you.


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I see in the first lesson plan segment for 24 - 36 months there is a spot where it shows going over flash cards of the various symbols for Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do. My 29 month old is able to identify and sound out letters, spell, and count. Should this be an exercise I go over with her? I just feel that relating the sounds by symbols might be a back step for her. I have been working with her for about a week before signing up for this program and she is able to say "Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do" while pressing the keys using only the CDEFGAC notes on the keyboard.


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I am Darryl and I am on this journey of learning to play piano with my 2 year 5 month old daughter Autumn. We discovered this website while trying to find a way to teach a child under 5 years old to play piano and were astounded to find that not only was there almost no information; there was also a large amount of people who said it couldn't be done at such a young age. We contacted teachers and received similar responses, usually the earliest starting at 4 - 5. I know that some of the greats started before they were 5, so we continued our search and found a few different programs, but none with as much support, knowledge or direct information in regards to early education than Soft Mozart.
I was thrilled to see Hellene directly responded to a question I had and knew that this was the program for us.

I have no musical background, but I know I love music. When I was a child I always wanted to learn to play an instrument but always found something else to do instead. I don't want my daughter to miss out on the opportunity, and I want something educational and life lasting to do with her - This has brought us to Soft Mozart. We are excited to begin our education into the world of music and look forward to communicating with fellow members of the community.