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So we took a short break from piano because I am now pregnant with baby number 6 due in October! I was so sick though with morning sickness that nothing got done at home. We are now back to school and piano and so I wanted to share and update. My oldest, Noah has memorized In the Hall of the Mountain King and has now chosen to work on The Entertainer which I think is a bit ambitious but I didn't want to discourage him if that is the song that he likes. I videoed him playing both songs for you. My 8 and 6yr olds practice each day but I am finding that if I do not stay right with them, they just play the games and never actually work on a song so I will have to get more diligent on what they are allowed to do during piano time. www.youtube.com/watch?v=DUbnqh2R_B4


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Thank you for the recommendations! Piano is going well. My 6 year old boy is playing all the time without being asked to practice. His favorite song is Ode to Joy and he is practicing it to give a mini concert next month when Nana comes to visit us. His little sister likes to sing while he practices :) This is Asher www.youtube.com/watch?v=cQjrI4ZIYLU&feature=em-upload_owner


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I just got our software yesterday and already my kids are begging to start! My 3 year old was so excited to catch the fruit in guess the note game. We have 5 kids (one more on the way) and homeschool so this program will allow us to be able to teach them all music where we could never afford individual lesson for each one. I plan to start my 3 middle kids with the prep level c tomorrow with our school day. I have a question though about my teenager. He has already had 2 years of piano lessons and can play out of simple piano books. Where should I start him in the program?