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Working on rhythm 

Using modern 'metronome'

Teaching toddlers to play chords 

eyeNotes: Solfeggio and chords 


In this video we explain, how to teach toddlers to play 'shell' chords. With 'Soft Way to Mozart' kids from the age of 2+ are capable of learning how to play piano and read music.


Teaching 9 yr. old 

Ear training. Chords 


On this video we will show you how to teach a young student to play chords by ear with the help of our eyeNotes (Solfeggio and Chords)


Yuri sight-read Beethoven - Part 3

Beethoven, 'Sonata Pathetique' Part 3


Yuri, our programmer from Ukraine, visited Hellene Hiner's music studio in Houston. Having an amazing sight-reading skills, he gave an impromptu concert by reading and playing one musical piece after another for several hours. Enjoy his performance of Beethoven's Sonata Pathetique. Yuri is not a professional musician. Moreover, he had never attended music classes. He taught himself how to read music, and improved his playing technique by sight-reading. His fluent music reading skills allow him to play and enjoy any available musical piece the same way as most people enjoy reading a book without any need to memorize it. When asked if he had ever polished any musical composition, he answered that he does not need it because he performs only for himself, his family and close friends.