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This site is for music professionals and parents alike to raise their teaching skills through music education to a completely new level. Our system is entirely unique (US patent No. 7,629,527), as it enables you to teach music to children as young as two, by means of the keyboard and piano. It is a complete, thorough music education. You can use our tools to teach the piano, to read music and for singing. It utilizes children's natural talents, together with an innovative program, to make studying music an absorbing and creative learning experience. Guido of Arezzo created written music notation 1,000 years ago as a way to easily read and learn music. 'Soft Way to Mozart' school is a resurrection of Guido’s secret code, which everyone can use to learn music.


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  Our #9 'Winter Butterfly Ball' will end 02/01/2017

Welcome to our community website! We have made a lot of positive changes like adding your personal social network and forum where you can interact with students and teachers of the "Soft Way to Mozart".

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